SW-20814 – USA (New Mexico) – GLOBAL – Career Technical Education Mathematics Web Based Learning System – Deadline January 24,2019

(1) Vendor needs to provide career technical education mathematics web-based learning system for use multiple cognitive pathways to address different learning modalities and the need to individualize learning experiences to match specific student abilities, record of success in improved student outcomes in mathematics and effective teacher professional development, web-based and utilize recognized best practices in mathematics learning environments with synchronous and asynchronous features, variety of management and monitoring tools to document progress and pinpoint areas for further improvement, allow teachers to modify and adapt the learning system to reflect their individual classroom needs, district believes that mathematics cuts across disciplines and is especially interested in implementing a system that can support middle and high school teachers in multiple capacities that include core academic teachers, career technical education teachers, special education teachers and teachers working with special courses, student-centered and appropriate for middle and high school students with literacy levels, and supporting literacy resources such as a glossary, allow for deep understanding of core mathematical concepts and skills to ensure that students have sufficient opportunities to understand important mathematical ideas and can use that understanding in new contexts, allow teachers to develop their own questions and topics to support their classroom instruction, ability to assign the newly-developed questions/topics as needed, allows the teacher to personalize the learning to best meet the individual needs of their students, assist student, the learning system will offer a resource feature that allows students, who may need some special assistance, a way to get additional help to overcome a specific area that requires attention, allows students to work on areas of identified needs, allow teachers to create/customize questions and topics to support their classroom instruction, ability to remove unnecessary panels, fields and tabs from the user interface, readable, accessible copy of the database to ensure uninterrupted, accurate access to all historical data contained in the database, capable of database backup and recovery.
(2) All questions must be submitted no later than January 10, 2019.
(3) Contract period will be one year.