SW-18530 – USA (Washington) – GLOBAL – Customer Relationship Management System – Deadline October 15,2018

(1) Vendor needs to provide customer relationship management system for new CRM technology will substantially improve the City staff ability to monitor and improve the delivery of services to its customers. The desired solution will provide the necessary data and tools to capture the information necessary to improve services, and to provide more granular performance information by department.
– Cross entity search (public records request fulfilment)
– Survey integration (ability to link responses to customers)
– Reporting (dashboards as well as ad hoc)
– Notifications (allow customers to opt-in for proactive notifications such as holiday garbage
pick-up, delayed garbage service due to mechanical issues, upcoming street construction
– Integration with other systems (chat, Accela, future Utility Information System)
– Improved knowledge base (improved search functionality and ability to maintain/update)
– Caller ID integration. The current “screen-pop” solution has required significant upgrades to
properly function. The goal would be to minimize the needed upgrades.
– ArcGIS and ESRI or Integration (current limitations for online reporting of issues such as potholes)
– Mobile Device Interface (currently not feasible to use in the field)
– Email Integration (emailing from system is incredibly difficult and not user friendly, requiring
manual capture of email response from Outlook to be pasted into notes to allow for tracking
of conversation)
– Consistent access to City services through multiple communication channels
– Personalized interaction when communicating with the City
– Web portal designed around a customer’s needs and perspective
– Transform the way residents experience government services
– Increase visibility for service fulfilment and enhance transparency into City operations
– Provide resident access to real-time data
– Foster collaboration between City departments and customers
– Facilitate data-driven decision making both by the City and its communities
– Identify opportunities for improving City services
– Providing a comprehensive, centralized, user-friendly knowledge base
– Increasing customers’ use of self-service options
– Improving intake scripting to provide consistent messages
– Providing a consistent approach to address residents’ service requests
– Improving querying and reporting capabilities
– Improving call-related measurement tools and tracking of end-to-end call flows
(2) Contract period will be for one year.