SW-18453 – USA (Ohio) – GLOBAL – Language Learning Platform – Deadline September 18,2018

Vendor needs to provide language learning platform that can be accessed online on computers and mobile devices 24/7 by registered LRC patrons, language lessons must provide multiple learning delivery formats including audio, visual and text, seeking minimum languages available for patrons to include all foreign languages offered in secondary or higher education in the U.S., and the following: Arabic, modern Arabic, Pashto, and Dari.- Platform must be accessible worldwide 24/7 on any internet connected computer and mobile devices, must be language teaching delivery in text, visual and audio formats for self-paced eLearning, must have evidence of curriculum development using current research based teaching methodologies for beginners to advanced language learning, not a translation program, must include analytical statistics on usage of languages studied, unique users and usage dates with downloadable PDF/Excel reports accessible online or provided monthly via email.