SURG-4055 – USA (Wisconsin) – System for Veterinary Medicine Service – Deadline February 6,2023

(1) Vendor needs to provide system for veterinary medicine service to the government authority located in Utah.
– To activate automatic table elevation motion to the centering height, and cradle motion to the scout start position, with one single click
– Remote control kit and assisted video monitoring system
– Video monitoring system including three high resolution cameras, CCTV 21.6 inch 16:9 monitor and computer, assists the technologist in real time observation of the landmark laser line and patient status from the operator room
– Cameras will be mounted via wall or ceiling pole mounting and be closed circuit to the control room
– Remote auto positioning auto patient positioning function remotely from operator room, to realize the auto scout scan range, anatomical reference detecting and centering by specifying the position and shape in three dimensions.