SURG-4048 – USA (San Francisco, California) – Rapid Covid Tests Services – Deadline January 9,2023

December 29,2022Government Authority located in San Francisco, California; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for rapid covid tests services.Vendor needs to provide rapid covid tests services on an as needed basis to the government authority located in San Francisco, CA.
– Must be a rapid, antigen self-test (not CLIAwaived antigen test, also known as professional use or POC – point of care).
– Packs may be 1,000,000 packs of 1 test per pack or 500,000 packs of 2 tests per pack.
– Total quantity requested, 1 million tests.
– Cases must not exceed a total of 300 tests per case and must not be less than 100 tests per case.
– Onshore (USA Organization Only);Performance of the work will be Onsite.January 09,2023