MRB-9584 – USA (South Dakota) – GLOBAL – Health Communication and Marketing Services – Deadline October 15,2018

(1) Vendor needs to provide health communication and marketing services for advertising, promotion, public relations, research, social, digital and interactive components, creating effective, high impact advertising, interactive capabilities to strategically use digital and social media, multiple media channels to maximize reach and frequency of the campaigns, develop a comprehensive media plan, continue to develop social media strategies and messaging to promote, develop and produce effective campaign elements that help meet our communications goals, advertising concepts, messages, themes, slogans, design of advertising and publication layouts, production of videos from concept through storyboard to final production, copywriting for print, video, radio, television, social and digital media, digital photo collection, develop content, maintain, track, monitor, provide reports and implement strategies to increase reach and engagement of appropriate websites and social media accounts, developing and designing documents in formats suitable for print and web, for printing of advertising, public relations, and promotional materials and execute and produce research-driven and evidence-based advertising and marketing campaign strategies.
(2) All questions must be submitted in writing no later than September 24, 2018.