Government Authority located in Westchester, New York; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for coach bus transportation service. – USA (Westchester, New York) – Coach Bus Transportation Service – Deadline March 31,2023

(1) Vendor needs to provide coach bus transportation service to the government authority located in Westchester, NY.
– Contractor shall meet with all village trip coordinators within one month of the award of the bid. Coordinators will contact the contractor to arrange a meeting bus drivers must have all directions prior to the trip. The contractor is wholly responsible for the specific time schedule and how to get and return from the destinations.
– Time and dates will be made available to the contractor no later than seven days prior to each trip. The program is subject to cancellation, without penalty, on the day of the trip. The village anticipates changes in the trip schedule and circumstances may dictate changes in departure dates and destinations.
– A lead driver must be designated for each trip that will be the one that maintains contact and works with the directors for each camp. Also, the lead driver must insist that there is no smoking on park grounds while driving and no smoking around the children bus drivers may not use any hand-held devices while operating the bus.