Government Authority located in Wayne, North Carolina; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for inmate food services. – USA (Wayne, North Carolina) – Inmate Food Services – Deadline April 26,2023

(1) Vendor needs to provide inmate food services to the government authority located in Wayne, NC.
– The average daily population has been approximately 250 adult, male inmates, including an average of sack meals to inmates in court or work crews.
– Additionally, the vendor shall expect to serve approximately 20-25 meals per day to staff.
– The meals will be prepared at the main jail for both sites. the annex meals will be transported to a warming kitchen at the annex then placed onto trays and distributed to the inmates at the annex.
– The vehicle as well as all associated expenses for the transport as well as trays are to be the
responsibility of the food service provider.
– This section is not to be construed to mean the vendor shall serve as many as 700 meals daily. it is only provided as a guideline for possible meals to be served.
– The price per meal charged shall be determined by taking the actual meals ordered or served each day times the contract price for that number of meals.
– The county will be responsible for removal of trash and garbage
(2) A pre-bid meeting will be held on April 12,2023.