Government Authority located in Washington, DC; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for national disaster medical system biomedical maintenance. – USA (Washington, DC) – National Disaster Medical System Biomedical Maintenance – Deadline May 26,2023

(1) Vendor needs to provide national disaster medical system biomedical maintenance. to the government authority located in Washington, DC.
– The availability and rapid deployment of life-saving pharmaceuticals, antidotes, other medical supplies, equipment, and support infrastructure of the national disaster medical system to counter the effects of a medical disaster.
– Comprehensive preventative maintenance program of national disaster medical system medical equipment and non-medical equipment.
– To establish an Indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity that allows for a robust preventative maintenance program.
– Propaq MD: 232
– Ventilator, EMV+ 731: 160
– Aspirator, 330 Multifunctional: 52
– Multi-Therapy Single Channel IV Pump: 432
– GlideScope Go Video Laryngoscope: 142
– Buddy Lite Fluid Warmer: 42
(2) All questions must be submitted no later than May 16, 2023.
(3) This bid is set aside for total small business.