Government Authority located in Wailuku, Hawaii; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for food and beverage concession services. – USA (Wailuku, Hawaii) – Food and Beverage Concession Services – Deadline March 30,2023

(1) Vendor needs to provide food and beverage concession services to the government authority located in Wailuku, HI.
– Be responsible for maintaining and keeping the area within twenty-five feet on all sides of the concession premises free of trash, debris and spills and provide and use sanitary and suitably covered receptacles or containers for all garbage, rubbish and other refuse.
– Covers shall be used at all food and beverage areas for all sizes of non-alcoholic beverage cups.
– The concessionaire shall not sell chewing gum, chewing tobacco, cigars, cigarettes or any other non-food product or merchandise at this concession or location.