Government Authority located in San Jose, California; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for products for child nutrition services. – USA (San Jose, California) – Products for Child Nutrition Services – Deadline June 6,2023

Vendor needs to provide products for child nutrition services to the government authority located in San Jose, CA.
– Apple crisps
– Baked
– Baked flamin hot cheetos
– Betty crocker butterscotch oatmeal bar
– Popchips crazy
– Fortune cookies
– Goldfish
– Goldfish pretzel
– Cereal bar golden grahams
– Cereal bar trix
– Cheezit wg vend
– Cornuts bbq.
– Cornuts ranch
– Mix munchies
– Gripz cinnamon bite wg
– Sweet and spicy chili red fat
– Welch’s usda mixed fruit snacks