Government Authority located in Rhode Island; USA based organization looking for food system plan services. – USA (Rhode Island) – Food System Plan Services – Deadline June 2,2023

(1) Vendor needs to provide food system plan services to the government authority located in Rhode Island.
• Lead the final selection of 30 food system issue brief topics, based on prior work and engagement through a state-wide advisory board.
• Write and edit a subset of the issue briefs with support from the Commerce project team and subject matter experts.
– Conduct stakeholder engagement outreach to address barriers, opportunities and recommendations for various food systems issues, markets and products (e.g., 1:1 focus groups, 1 stakeholder summit, survey).
• Edit a subset of the issue briefs for consistency and clarity that have been written by local authors with expertise in each issue area.
• Lead writing and editing of the final food strategy document, which will include strategies, indicators and measurable objectives informed by the “issue briefs.”
– There will be additional staff support from the Director of Food Strategy and the Commerce project team.
• Provide subject matter expertise and guidance on effective stakeholder engagement and research to support food systems planning which takes into accounts intersectional issues such as climate change, racial equity and food justice.
• Develop a list of federal and philanthropic funding opportunities to support implementation of the strategies developed.
• Develop food system strategies with measurable outcomes, realistic timelines and clear ownership to advance a shared vision towards 2030.
• Lead the graphic design and layout of final food strategy document and food system issue briefs.
• Support Director of Food Strategy and Commerce project team with planning and cofacilitating of two in-person gatherings in Fall 2023 and one state-wide food system
summit in early 2024.
– A part-time project coordinator will support administrative and program tasks such as scheduling meetings, event planning, note taking and report editing, which should be factored into Proposers’ scopes and budgets.
(2) All the questions must be submitted no later than May 11, 2023.