Government Authority located in Ohio; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for food and related items for resale services. – USA (Ohio) – Food and Related Items for Resale Services – Deadline May 17,2023

(1) Vendor needs to provide food and related items for resale services to the government authority located in Ohio.
A. Tiered camp store structure:
B. Market basket and catalog requirements:
a. Snack Foods, such as chips, pretzels, popcorn, Chex mix, and bagged nuts.
b. Candy and Gum, such as candy bars, mints, chewing gum, and bagged gummy candies.
c. Grocery Foods, such as canned goods, bread products, crackers, marshmallows, granola, and protein bars.
d. Perishable Foods, such as milks, eggs, cheese, Lunchables, and frozen dinners.
– Cold Beverages, available in standard sized bottles and in multiple flavors. Brands could include: Faygo, etc. Soda should be available in both full flavor, diet, and non-caffeinated varieties where available. Additionally, beverages available should include water and juice.
– Convenience Items, such as aspirin, sanitary products, dish soap, napkins, cups, paper towels, silverware, foil, lighter fluid, and matches.
– Premade food items, such as sandwiches, slushies, coffee products, nachos, hot dogs, and pizzas. Offerors are encouraged to recommend sources for necessary equipment to serve these items (Ex. Slushie Machine, Hot Dog Roller, etc.).
– Out of stock and back-ordered items must be clearly identified in the catalog when an order is placed. If the out of stock or backorder occurs after an order is placed, notification must be made to the designated ODNR personnel as soon as practical after receipt of order, but in no event later than the day before delivery.
(2) A pre-proposal conference will be held on May 8, 2023.