Government Authority located in New Paltz, New York; USA based organization looking for food management consultant service. – USA (New Paltz, New York) – Food Management Consultant Service – Deadline May 18,2023

(1) Vendor needs to provide food management consultant service to the government authority located in New Paltz, NY.
– Annual and Ongoing:
• Complete the annual renewal of your child nutrition program with SED. This is completed online during the summer.
• Send to all families the household applications required under the CEP program.
• Approve applications once submitted by households. Input this information into the POS System.
• Send Public Notice to the newspaper prior to start of the new school year as required.
• Conduct eligibility verification for SED Starting in October, if required under CEP.
• Complete the verification summary form, FNS 742 for submission to SED, if needed under CEP.
• Conduct the direct certification downloads and matching process for determining those students directly certified for free meals.
• Send letter to health department requesting two health inspections per building during the school year.
– Monthly Duties:
• Take monthly inventory for operating statement purposes.
• Generate monthly POS reports for SED reimbursement claiming purposes. Conduct edit check to prevent over-claiming.
• Input meals into CNMS online for submission to SED for both breakfast and lunch reimbursements.
• Prepare breakfast and lunch menus monthly: Consider preparing a menu for the website that is ADA compliant, Menus will reflect service variety at each building.
• Complete monthly operating statement.
• Complete average daily participation report, reviewing this report against either a budget or same period as last year.
• Perform payroll related duties as applicable, such as time sheets approval, and tracking sick, holiday, and PTO utilization.
• Ensure that all staffing positions, wages, and benefits are maintained according to district requirements. Additionally, HMB consultants can provide an analysis of the meals per labor hour, an indicator of the efficiency of staffing.
• Develop and implement promotions and marketing to attract student participation at all grade levels.
– Weekly Duties:
• Review weekly inventory for ordering purposes. This procedure is critical in utilizing the current inventory and controlling food costs.
• Devise production records or daily memos for the following day.
(2) All the questions must be submitted no later than May 11, 2023.
(3) The contract period will be for one year.