Government Authority located in New Orleans, Louisiana; USA based organization looking for food management service. – USA (New Orleans, Louisiana) – Food Management Service – Deadline June 2,2023

(1) Vendor needs to provide food management service to the government authority located in New Orleans, LA.
– To provide comprehensive food management services, so that community academies students can receive quality education, and experience high-quality customer services. community academies demand comprehensive, reliable, and efficient service. failure to address community academies requirements or concerns with any matter will disqualify the proposer from consideration.
– For academic performance at these schools while securing partnerships and programming
that use community assets to support the schools and students. In doing this, brings fresh, yet grounded vision to the charter landscape and forges a new path ahead for students, families, and communities alike.
(2) All the questions must be submitted no later than May 23, 2023.
[C] Eligibility: