Government Authority located in New Bedford, Massachusetts; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for food concession operations service. – USA (New Bedford, Massachusetts) – Food Concession Operations Service – Deadline April 28,2023

Vendor needs to provide food concession operations service to the government authority located in New Bedford, MA.
– Food and non-alcoholic beverages will be prepared and dispensed from the city owned food stand.
– Concessionaire shall confine its activities to the food stand licensed by it under the terms of this agreement. Concessionaire may work with other organizations to promote enhanced programming in connection with the concession.
– The proposal should state food items and drinks to be offered and types of containers or wrappings to be used. Concessionaire may not sell alcoholic beverages or tobacco products.
– Proposed menu may include sandwiches, meals, ice cream, fresh fruit, pastry and similar items.