Government Authority located in Montpelier, Vermont; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for storage and distribution of foods services. – USA (Montpelier, Vermont) – Storage and Distribution of Foods Services – Deadline April 1,2023

(1) Vendor needs to provide storage and distribution of foods services for education to the government authority located in Montpelier, VT.
– The term includes a variety of domestically produced foods such as beef, pork, poultry, fish, fruits, vegetables, pastas, rice, grains, dairy and peanut products.
– The term agency, hereinafter, refers to feeding organizations eligible to receive foods, such as a school, residential child care institution, charitable institution, nutrition program for the elderly, summer camp, summer food service program site or soup kitchen.
– Types of food were distributed through the contracted warehouse, amounting to approximately 48,000 cases total. of these, approximately 14,750 cases were dry foods, 4,800 cases were refrigerated foods, and 28,400 were frozen foods. School distribution is still in progress, but we anticipate that 40 types of food will be distributed, amounting to approximately 44,734 cases total.
– These, approximately 11,030 cases are dry foods, 6,880 cases are refrigerated and 26,305 are frozen.
(2) All question must be submitted no later than March 01, 2023.