Government Authority located in Live Oak, Florida; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for meals and catering services. – USA (Live Oak, Florida) – Meals and Catering Services – Deadline May 26,2023

(1) Vendor needs to provide meals and catering services to the government authority located in Live Oak, FL
– The Contractor shall be required to provide catering services operational up to 24 hours a day to feed approximately 500 individuals per day
– At the contractor’s discretion, it may elect to cook for all base camps in a single location and transport the meals to all other base camp locations, or to operate separate kitchens at each base camp location. regardless, each base camp will be required to have certain 24-hour options as indicated below
– Operations personnel should grab boxed lunches before leaving for the field for the day. Times of meals may vary based on work schedules set by.
– Reserves the right to make changes to the schedule and location of meals as necessary.
– The contractor shall be required to provide ice making machines that will provide five pounds of ice per person, per base camp site. the contractor shall be required to provide ice machines for base camp operations, dining facilities, and recreational facilities
– The contractor will be required to cooperate with logistics and base camp services contractor providing the base camp facilities, including the dining tent facility
(2) All question must be submitted no later than May 19, 2023