Government Authority located in Jefferson, Missouri; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for laundry vending services. – USA (Jefferson, Missouri) – Laundry Vending Services – Deadline March 10,2023

(1) Vendor needs to provide laundry vending services for to offer the highest quality laundry facilities, equal to national commercial and collegiate operations to the government authority located in Jefferson, MO.
• Washers:
– All washers shall have factory set cold rinse and set up for hot, warm and cold-water temperature
selection. – Washer temperature default settings must be programmable.
– All machines shall have an emergency safety switch to stop washer when the door is open.
– All washers shall be set by wash temperature selected to encourage use of energy efficient cycles.
– All washers shall have battery back-up to protect all programmed information for life.
– All washers shall be set so that machines have built-in self-diagnostics to identify problem areas.
– Cycle programmability shall be factory set at 35 minutes to allow longer extraction time, plus fill
and programmable to customize wash and spin cycles for approximately a minimum laundry
load capacity of 14 pounds. Dryers:
– All dryers load capacity shall be a minimum UL listing of 18 pounds.
– All buildings have 220v power to dryers, 220v dryers are acceptable.
– Cycle shall consist of four cycles: regular, permanent-press, delicate and air fluff.
– All dryers shall be set by temperature selected to encourage use of energy efficient cycles.
– Factory shall set cycle programmability at 60 minutes per cycle.
– Both heat and cool down cycle temperatures shall be programmable.
(2) The contract term will be five years.