Government Authority located in Houston, Texas; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for human patient simulator service. – USA (Houston, Texas) – Human Patient Simulator Service – Deadline May 16,2023

(1) Vendor needs to provide human patient simulator service to purchase these goods and/or services from your company while remaining in compliance with state and federal proposal laws and requirements to the government authority located in Houston, TX.
1. Nursing bedside care (but also used by other departments) that supports:
– Neurological reactions, airway management, breathing,
– Cardiac (rhythms and sounds),
– Circulation (respirations and blood pressure),
– 12 lead ECG,
– Defibrillation sites,
– Chest those recoils for CPR/BLS/ACLS, IV sites,
– Catheterization, trach care.
2. Technology (High Fidelity):
– Programmable and also comes with scenarios.
– Have speakers for lung, heart, and abdominal sounds,
– Also, a speaker for it to say something or the instructor.
– Built in microphones to hear the students.
– Vitals on a monitor
– Wireless and Hardwired (Ethernet)
– Battery backup
– Peripheral pulses
– Chest rises.
– Phone support from the vendor.
(2) All the questions must be submitted no later than April 26, 2023
(3) The contract period will be for one year.