Government Authority located in Hartford, Connecticut; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for milk and milk products delivery service. – USA (Hartford, Connecticut) – Milk and Milk Products Delivery Service – Deadline May 17,2023

Vendor needs to provide milk and milk products delivery service to the government authority located in Hartford, CT.
– Delivery instructions including time shall be specified mutually agreed upon between the district and the successful vendor.
– Inspection will be done at point of delivery unless otherwise stated.
– Milk will be delivered in cases free from dirt and debris.
– The board of education may withhold acceptance of or reject any merchandise
that is found, upon examination, not to meet the specification requirements. when
rejected, it shall be removed by the contractor within 10 days after notification of rejection.
– All deliveries of commodities hereunder shall comply in every respect with all applicable laws of the federal government or the state.
– Unless otherwise stated, deliveries must consist of new merchandise.
– Quantities in excess of those ordered will not be accepted.
– A legible and accurate invoice shall accompany each delivery and shall be signed by a person authorized to receive deliveries.