Government Authority located in Cheyenne, Wyoming; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for specialty crop local food production and education grants management service. – USA (Cheyenne, Wyoming) – Specialty Crop Local Food Production and Education Grants Management Service – Deadline May 19,2023

(1) Vendor needs to provide specialty crop local food production and education grants management service to the government authority located in Cheyenne, WY.
– Contractor will become familiar with the rules of the specialty crop grant program.
– Review the grantees and subgrantees reports for accuracy per usda requirements.
– Ensure the agency annual reports for the currently awarded specialty crop grant agreements
are completed by agency assigned dates.
– Review subgrantee payment requests for adherence to grant agreement and provide for fiscal
management of payments.
– Develop a timeline and strategy to expend grant funds.
– Submit quarterly invoices to agency with supporting documentation of hours worked.
– Submit invoices for completed projects.
– Develop timelines and strategy to expend remaining funds on currently awarded grants.
– Work on other related specialty crop grant tasks.
– Work closely with Agency staff on communications with USDA, project updates and any
addition program management needs
– Complete USDA Annual Reports for each year’s awarded funds
(2) All question must be submitted no later than May 05,2023.