Government Authority located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for divert food pilot program service. – USA (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) – Divert Food Pilot Program Service – Deadline May 2,2023

(1) Vendor needs to provide divert food pilot program service to purchase food, supplies and services for use in their child nutrition programs to the government authority located in Cedar Rapids, IA.
– Delivery temperatures shall be recorded for chilled and frozen items on delivery receipt by school representative, driver must record and initial if delivery is made before building personnel arrive.
– Driver and helpers shall request the authorized school receiver or the designated representative, to verify the accuracy of items, quantities of each item, total quantities, and condition of merchandise.
– Variations from the invoice and packing slip, i.e.: shortages, damages, mispacks etc., shall be noted on each ticket by the designated school receiver and initialled by both the truck driver and school receiver.
– Drivers and helpers shall deliver merchandise into designated storage areas (dry, chilled and frozen) at each school.
– Foods to manufacturers for further processing into ready-to-use end products for use in child nutrition programs.
– A designated school receiver shall sign each packing slip.
(2) The contract term will be one years.