Government Authority located in Bozeman, Montana; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for local food system preliminary mapping project service. – USA (Bozeman, Montana) – Local Food System Preliminary Mapping Project Service – Deadline May 19,2023

(1) Vendor needs to provide local food system that support everything from production to processing, distribution, sale, consumption and waste recovery of food to the government authority located in Bozeman, MT.
– Ability to provide accessible and culturally appropriate food during disruptions to the larger food system.
– Build resilience within the local food system.
– Advance food access and reduce food insecurity.
– Support local food enterprises and bolster the local economy.
– Foster relationships and links between rural and urban communities.
– Increase community awareness and support for local food.
– Positively impact human health and well-being through the nutritional and mental health benefits of local food.
– Support equitable land access and fair living for producers and others within the food system.