FOOD-6925 – USA (Forney, Texas) – Food Management Service – Deadline March 24,2023

Vendor needs to provide food management service to the government authority located in Forney, TX.
– Shall retain control of the quality, extent and general nature of food service.
– Shall provide meals for all programs operated by the CE that meet the meal pattern.
– Shall receive no payment for meals that are spoiled or unwholesome at the time of serving, which does not meet the detailed specifications for each food component or menu item.
– Must make substitutions in the food components of the meal pattern for students with disabilities when their disability restricts their diet as stated in the students’ individual educational plans o and when the need for the substitution is certified by an appropriately licensed medical practitioner.
– Shall make substitutions for fluid milk for non-disabled students who cannot consume fluid milk due to medical or special dietary needs. Substitutions shall be made when a medical authority or student’s parent or legal guardian submits a written request for a fluid milk substitute identifying the medical or other special dietary need that restricts the student’s diet.