FOOD-6916 – USA (Vermont) – Pollution Prevention Food and Beverage Packaging Services – Deadline February 24,2023

(1) Vendor needs to provide pollution prevention food and beverage packaging services to the government authority located in VT.
– Reviewing and understanding processes at the business that result in packaged food products or
in the disposal of food packaging.
– Reviewing manufacturer’s food packaging material information and potentially analytical data
collected by the states food recycling system sampling contractor.
– Identifying the materials, products and waste management methodologies used at the business
that are known to or have the potential to contain PFAS (or other fluorinated chemicals) or are
known to contain plastic.
– Identifying the potential pathways for introduction of PFAS or plastics from the food
packaging or manufacturing equipment to the food itself, wastewater, depackaged food
slurry, anaerobic digestate, compost, soil and trash as applicable.
– Contacting packaging manufacturers or suppliers to determine the presence and concentrations.
(2) All questions must be submitted no later than February 7, 2023.