FOOD-6909 – USA (Huntsville, Alabama) – Inmate Food Service – Deadline February 16,2023

(1) Vendor needs to provide inmate food service to the government authority located in Huntsville, AL.
– A detention facility supervisor shall order inmate meals at times mutually agreeable to the detention facility and the vendor.
– Meals shall be portioned on trays in the kitchen and placed in a cart in the staging area according to the number of meals ordered per housing area. The carts will be picked up by the detention facility staff and delivered to the inmates housing units.
– Menus will consist of a four week minimum menu cycle. The detention facility reserves the right to make substitutions with respect to individual menu items and have them replaced with like or similar individual menu items.
– When combination foods are on the menu, the vendor shall maintain a file containing the recipes, a list of ingredients, the quantities, the number of servings and the size of each serving.
– The vendor shall provide special medical diets at no additional charge. Snacks included with special diets are to be included in the price per meal.
– The vendor shall provide sack lunches as needed. Sack lunches can be ordered for inmates that cannot eat during regular mealtimes or are otherwise on restriction. Sack lunches will consist of, at minimum, two sandwiches, one piece of fruit, dessert and a beverage.
(2) All question must be submitted no later than February 09, 2023.
(3) A contract period will be for two years.