FOOD-6872 – USA (Hampton, Virginia) – Food and Beverage Services – Deadline January 31,2023

December 30,2022Government Authority located in Hampton, Virginia; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for food and beverage services.(1) Vendor needs to provide food and beverage services to the government authority located in Hampton, VA.
– Provider shall professionally operate and manage agency catering kitchen, utilizing it to prepare and stage all food functions or events.
– Provider shall be responsive to prospective client inquiries, responding to telephone calls, e-mails, and on-site visits in a professional manner, within the same-day or earliest window of time.
– Including to cook wear, serving wear, glasses, dishes, linens, tables, and chairs in sufficient number to serve 3,000 people.
– Provider shall have access to an additional 1,500 place settings.
– Computer-based credit card point of sale system shall be provided by provider to be used throughout the facilities.
– Provider’s employees that are servicing catering events shall be fully trained in food service and be proficient, productive and courteous to patrons.
– Provider shall be on site and prepared to greet the client upon their arrival, and be responsive to any needs that arise prior to and during events.
– 24/7 security coverage with digitally recorded CCTV throughout
(2) A Non-Mandatory Pre-bid Conference will be held on January 18, 2023.
(3) All questions must be submitted no later than January 24, 2023.
(4) The contract period will be for five years.
– Onshore (US Organization Only)- Not ApplicableJanuary 31,2023