FOOD-6871 – USA (Hampton, Virginia) – Food and Beverage Services – Deadline January 31,2023

December 28,2022Government Authority located in Hampton, Virginia; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for food and beverage services.(1) Vendor needs to provide food and beverage services to the government authority located in Hampton, VA.
– Provider shall professionally operate and manage catering kitchen, utilizing it to prepare and stage all food functions or events. Maintain the kitchen and its appliances in top functioning working order. The city’s food and beverage facilities and equipment shall be used solely for the conduct of the described food or beverage operations. Provider is responsible for cleaning all areas used in preparing, storing, transporting and serving food and beverage.
– Food and beverage services shall be rendered in a dignified, courteous manner and no pressure, coercion or influence of the public beyond the food and beverage.
– Provider shall plan and prepare imaginative menus in the facilities in consultation and coordination with the operator and in accordance with its specifications.
– Provider’s employees that are servicing catering events shall be fully trained in food service and be proficient, productive and courteous to patrons. Regular training classes shall be provided throughout the term of an agreement. Such training will consist of customer service, alcohol awareness, positional skills training, banquet service training, buffet set up, bartending, serving techniques, food and wine service techniques, and safety and evacuation training as approved by the department.
– For the sale of alcoholic beverages, the provider must at his own expense provide all licenses and permits required for the legal sale of alcoholic beverages.
(2) A non-mandatory pre-bid conference will be held on January 18, 2023.
(3) All question must be submitted no later than January 24, 2023.
– Onshore (USA Organization Only);Performance of the work will be Onsite and Offsite.January 31,2023