FOOD-6867 – USA (North Carolina) – Food Items for Farm to School 3rd Quarter – Deadline January 5,2023

Vendor needs to provide food items for farm to school 3rd quarter to the government authority located in North Carolina.
– Quality fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen fruits, and frozen meat to educational organization.
1. Notify the Vendor of the quantities 2-4 weeks in advance of the delivery.
2. Coordinating the delivery of fresh produce/food items from the Vendor. Coordinating the pick-up of fresh produce/food items if the Department makes the pick-up as described in Document,
3. The State reserves the right to modify pick-up dates, based on seasonality (if product comes in sooner or later than date stated in IFB).
4. Schools shall have twenty-four (24) hours from time of delivery to report any problem.
5. Invoicing to schools and payments to vendor.
– Product shall be held at the proper temperature as noted in product specifications to begin the cold chain and the cold chain shall not be broken.
– The successful Vendor shall have produce delivered/picked up by designated date. If produce will be picked up, produce shall be ready at the pickup point designated by Food Distribution.