FOOD-6852 – USA (Clemson, South Carolina) – Concession and Catering Services – Deadline December 12,2022

(1) Vendor needs to provide concession and catering services to the government authority located in Clemson, SC.
– Catering services are the contractor provides homemade meals for events where a plated homemade meal, and or formal events as requested by the event and show manager.
– Concession services are the contractor who mainly provides quick and fast food options for events.
– Provide fresh homemade food and meals with an emphasis on minimal to no prepared store-bought foods.
– Provide adequate staff for a variety of participants at each event.
– Minimize food service delays where the majority of the participants begin and end their meals in the same general timeframe.
– Provide clean table covers for any meals served on tables. remove table covers at the end of an event.
– Menus will be renewed and rotated, with the uppermost goal of having adequate selection, superior quality, and variety.
(2) The contract will be one year.