FOOD-6362 – USA (Trenton, New Jersey) – Emergency Food Assistance Program for Food Storage and Delivery Service – Deadline December 1,2021

Posted Date : October 05,2021
Product (RFP/RFQ/RFI/Solicitation/Tender/Bid Etc.) ID : FOOD-6362
Government Authority located in Trenton, New Jersey; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for emergency food assistance program for food storage and delivery service.
[A] Budget: Looking for proposal
[B] Scope of Service:
(1) Vendor needs to provide emergency food assistance program for food storage and delivery service to the government authority located in Trenton, NJ.
– Foods stored for program shall be separately identified. If the Vendor is storing for any federal food programs other than program, the commodities being stored for the state shall be clearly identified. Identification shall consist of the word program stamped on all four sides of each pallet.
– If the vendor is storing program foods for another state government or entity, each state or entity’s foods must be separated and identified by the state or entity’s name.
– Occasionally receives private commercial food donations for use in program. In such cases, assume and pay the vendor storage and transport cost for these foods. The vendor shall charge the applicable price for storage and delivery.
– The vendor shall be responsible for processing, handling, and delivery of goods to and from facilities as required. The vendor shall be responsible for all actions and inactions committed by the carrier at the direction of the vendor.
– The vendor’s carrier shall arrange for a delivery appointment with the vendor at least 24 hours before the expected delivery. All parties are highly encouraged to address any non-federal shipment or delivery requirements in advance of the delivery such as, additional paperwork required by the vendor.
– An earlier delivery date other than the originally scheduled shall not be accepted without approval. If the vendor’s carrier arrives without a delivery appointment or is late for an appointment, the vendor should accept the shipment, or work with the carrier to schedule delivery at a later time;
– The vendor shall review the web-based supply chain management site monthly to determine the orders of foods that are expected to be delivered to the warehouse and the time frame for delivery.
– The vendor shall schedule a delivery appointment with its carrier during this delivery period. If the vendor has not been contacted by the carrier within this time frame, the vendor shall notify and thereafter schedule an appointment at a later date as agreed to by the vendor, its carrier.
(2) All question must be submitted no later than October 27, 2021.
(3) A Pre-Quote Submission Conference will be held on October 20, 2021.

[C] Eligibility:
Onshore (USA organization Only)
[D] Work Performance:
Budget :
Deadline to Submit Proposals: December 01,2021
Cost to Download This RFP/RFQ/RFI/Solicitation/Tender/Bid Document : 5 US$