FOOD-6316 – USA (Fairfax, Virginia) – Compost Collection Services – Deadline September 14,2021

Posted Date : August 23,2021
Product (RFP/RFQ/RFI/Solicitation/Tender/Bid Etc.) ID : FOOD-6316
Government Authority located in Fairfax, Virginia; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for compost collection services.
[A] Budget: Looking for Proposals
[B] Scope of Service:
Vendor needs to provide compost collection services to the government authority located in Fairfax, VA.
a. Collect food waste from approved location(s);
b. Transport collected food waste to a permitted processing facility;
c. Process food waste at a permitted facility according to all applicable regulations;
d. Provide food waste collection carts;
e. Provide “How-To” information, including a list of acceptable items;
f. Provide a mechanism to keep collection bins sanitary by placing new compostable liners in the carts secured by
bands after each pick-up and monthly washout of carts, or by swapping carts after each pick-up.
g. Monthly reporting of food scrap tonnage collected; and
h. Assist the City in “right-sizing” collection containers and pickup frequency.
1. Oversight: The City’s Sustainability Coordinator (or designee) will serve as Program Manager (PM) and will provide oversight, approvals, direction and contract administration for the implementation of these services.
2. Collection Schedules and Frequency: The collection schedule shall be mutually agreed upon by the Contractor and the City. Collections shall occur at a minimum of twice per week. If a scheduled pickup falls on a holiday, the pickup shall be coordinated with the City’s PM to assure continuation of service through the holiday period.
3. Additional Pickups: The Contractor shall have the ability to provide additional pickups and emergency collections, outside of the normal schedule, as requested by the City PM.
4. Spills/Leakage: The Contractor shall immediately clean up all accidental spills or discharges and shall notify the City of any such spills within four (4) hours. Any container that is determined to be leaking shall be replaced by the contractor within forty eight (48) hours of notification.
5. Transportation: The Contractor shall be responsible for providing all labor, services and equipment necessary to transport the food and organic material to a permitted processing facility, pre-approved by the City PM. Transportation to an alternative permitted site must be requested in advance and approved by the City PM.
– For more information describe in document.

[C] Eligibility:
– Onshore (USA Organization Only);
[D] Work Performance:
Performance of the work will be Offsite. Vendor needs to carry work in their office location.
Budget :
Deadline to Submit Proposals: September 14,2021
Cost to Download This RFP/RFQ/RFI/Solicitation/Tender/Bid Document : 5 US$