Bottle Station

Near unlimited bottle and vessel filling clearance, for almost any industrial or commercial workforce application, H2O’s Bottle Fill Station upgrade option opens large new markets to your current sales force instantly.

The Bottle Fill Station features a removable Drip Tray, allowing filling of both large 5+ Gallon reservoirs as well larger capacity sports bottles and flask, with industrial grade mounting points for a large weight capacity and a long service life of wear and tear.

From large work forces requiring a filling station for 5+ gallon job site jugs to modern co-op work forces who love their extra-large water bottles and flasks; the Bottle Fill station upgrade is an excellent value add and upsell opportunity for your end Customers.


Average Flow rate : 1.25 GPM
Ambient or Cold Water

Sports Bottle Dispensing Gap: 13 -20 inches (depending on dealer specifications)

5+ Gallon Dispensing Jug Clearance: 33 – 36 inches (depending on dealer specifications)

Removable Drip Tray Drip Tray Weight Tolerance: >15 pounds

USA Assembly & Quality Control